Track 07

Mechanics for space exploration

As an engineering science with important technological applications, mechanics plays a fundamental role in space exploration, a long and sustained pursuit of mankind. Meanwhile, the rapid development of modern space exploration has posed many great challenges, as well as opportunities, to mechanics. This track aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities in mechanics for space exploration, as well as recent progresses in the fundamental and R&D research relating to mechanics for space exploration.

This track will cover a comprehensive range of topics relating to mechanics for space exploration, including but not limited to:

  • Multiphase thermal fluid dynamics in microgravity;
  • Microgravity fluid physics;
  • Combustion mechanism and fire safety in manned spacecraft;
  • Supersonic combustion and detonation physics;
  • High temperature gas dynamics;
  • Rarefied gas and plasma non-equilibrium flows;
  • Orbital dynamics;
  • Multibody system dynamics;
  • Nonlinear dynamics;
  • Vibration control of flexible structures;
  • Complex mechanics of aerospace vehicles;
  • Fracture, damage and fatigue of aerospace structures and materials;
  • Composite materials and structures in aerospace systems;
  • Computational methods in structural mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, and complex systems;
  • Satellite technology;
  • Space bio-technology and space life sciences.

~ Speakers’ list forthcoming ~

Track Chairs

Jizeng Wang
Lanzhou University, China

Boo Cheong Khoo
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Jianfu Zhao
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Jizeng Wang
Lanzhou University, China