Track 03

Mechanics for flexible electronics and health applications

As a rapidly growing area, flexible electronics have opened up a series of unprecedented application possibilities with broad academic interest and significant societal impact, especially in health applications, partially owing to their unique properties unavailable to conventional, wafer-based electronic — light-weight construction, conformable mechanics, functional reconfigurability, self-healing constitution and others. Mechanics has been playing a core role throughout the diverse aspects of research in this area, such as the design, manufacture, reliability, health applications of flexible electronic systems. This track aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this multidisciplinary field, covering not only the fruitful fundamental research, but also the technological advances towards health applications. A primary objective is to forge interactions among active researchers from the areas of applied mechanics, materials science and engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and advanced manufacturing.

This track will cover a comprehensive range of topics relating to mechanics of flexible electronics and health applications, including but not limited to:

  • Mechanics and designs of inorganic flexible electronics;
  • Mechanics and materials of organic flexible electronics;
  • Advanced manufacturing of flexible electronics;
  • Reliability of flexible electronics;
  • Transient electronics;
  • Bio-integrated electronics and device systems;
  • Flexible human machine interfaces;
  • Origami/kirigami inspired electronics;
  • Three-dimensional flexible electronics;
  • Bio-mimetic flexible electronics;
  • Reconfigurable electronics;
  • Flexible electronics based on low dimensional materials;
  • Soft actuators and robotics, etc.

~ Speakers’ list forthcoming ~

Track Chairs

Yihui Zhang
Tsinghua University, China

Xiaodong Chen
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Yonggang Huang
Northwestern University, USA


Yihui Zhang
Tsinghua University, China