Track 11

Mechanics of multifunctional materials and structures

With increasing specialization, complication and extremeness of the service environment, the demand for materials and structures is no longer restricted to a single performance or function. It is often necessary to achieve light-weight, high-strength and toughness mechanical properties of materials and structures through multi-scale and multi-fidelity designs, while meeting the requirement of multi-coupling fields and extreme environments, and to develop multi-functional materials and structures, intelligent materials and structures, integration of material-structure-function, integration of design and manufacturing, and so on. The scope of this track includes functional and intelligent materials and structures, macro-, micro- and even low dimensional functional and intelligent materials and structures, multi-scale mechanical and other functions and properties of materials and structures, such as acoustics, thermology, electromagnetics, biology, etc. The research methods include theoretical and simulation analysis of multi-field and multi-scale mechanism, as well as advanced design methods and advanced preparation technologies of multi-functional materials and structures.

  • Advanced functional materials and structures;
  • Intelligent materials and structures;
  • Lightweight high strength materials and structures;
  • Shape memory materials and structures;
  • Low dimensional functional and intelligent materials and structures;
  • Advanced composite materials and structures;
  • Impact resistant materials and structures;
  • Bionic materials and structures;
  • Self-assembled materials and structures;
  • Metamaterials and superstructures;
  • Properties and design of soft materials;
  • Integration of materials and structures;
  • Integration of structures and functions;
  • Integration of design and manufacturing;
  • Functional surfaces and interfaces;
  • Multi coupling field mechanics of materials and structures;
  • Intelligent and bionic robots;
  • Advanced manufacturing mechanics and technology.

~ Speakers’ list forthcoming ~

Track Chairs

Shaohua Chen,
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Jinsong Leng
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Tiejun Wang
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


Shaohua Chen,
Beijing Institute of Technology, China